The Untamed Frontier

The Untamed Frontier
By quilldriver
In the cyberworld, they login as a guest
The test of the best is like a showdown from the Wild West
The fastest will win by a click of their mouse
Better watch out or they’ll come into your house

If you chat by daylight you’d better not be a talker
Or you will surely be the target of a stalker
The fights ensue via packet and byte
Better lock up your computer firewall tight

They won’t leave you alone through digital streaming
Soon you might feel like screaming
Before you call the law if you plan to sing
Better first have I.P addresses by ping, ping, ping

But snitches get stitches and that’s a fact
Venturing into the untamed frontier is like making a pact
Before you login, you’d better lock and load
The cyberworld can be a treacherous threatening road.

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