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Blogging from the crypts

Loving Shadow  ·   The Bogeyman  ·   Listen With Your Heart 

From the crypt, dusted off, revamped -- find great "steamy" e-books. After prying open the tomb where these books were locked away, writers blogged the reviews. Ever heard of starving artists? These books are an entire state of mind away from the G-rated interactive novels now written. Whew! Some wild hellions wrote these...maybe published under pseudonyms kinda like various online aliases. Everyone has a past, huh?

Loving Shadow

Blog: writer's thoughts when reviewing Loving Shadow:

Wow, I had forgotten what a good story this is; I'd forgotten how much Shadow deserves his story told. A curse, medallion, action/adventure, dirty little secrets, and sweet love. For some reason, I thought there was a lot of sex in Loving Shadow?

Several chapters later: Yikes and holy cow! Found the sex. This scene is so hot I'm blushing.

Later: Ok, so it's become virtually one long sex scene, leading into another. Now I recall why I didn't want my Gram to read this. lol

Awww! Very good. Happily Ever After...warm fuzzy glow. Oh yeah. Loving Shadow is a winner! Shadow is my favorite character hero of everything I've written. He deserves his story told.

The Bogeyman

Review: What a total trip! When I wrote this, had I taken a jagged path to freak these characters out or what? Definitely a walk on the wild dark side. To borrow from Metallica...take my hand, it's off to never-never-land.

Terrorists and biological warfare on U.S. soil? Kinda scary...violent...suspense...action adventure...awwwwww...rated r...sex and all.

The Bogeyman (formerly Dare To Love) was written during an intensely scary time in my life. For the first time ever, something started going wrong with the storyline. They weren't getting along. I had stopped believing in happily ever after. Ever since I was knee-high to a firefly, I have reworked any stories/movies/etc...in my mind until they ended with a postive slant and a warm fuzzy glow. Don't ask me why...I have always done that. Rose-colored glasses, you say. Nah, tinted mirror sunglasses...reflecting back at you...a positive state of mind.

Publishing houses didn't call what I wrote romance anymore...mainstreamed it to include the other stronger elements like suspense, action-adventure, and humor. However, I distinctly recall people wanting me to be ashamed when writing anything remotely connected to romance. Either that or the wink-wink leer-leer mentality of who I was because I penned books with sex. Maybe those people should try sex?! It irritates me still just by recalling it.

THEREFORE, in the throes of surviving a wide-awake terror, a nightmare reality...If I sucked so much, then I wanted nothing more to do with writing. I burnt everything (I thought)...trial by fire, intended to write no more ever if I couldn't write what I wanted (happily ever afters/postive slant.) Nobody but me knows the whole story of what happened from all angles back then, and I locked it away. It changed me, everything about me. Funny thing, I came back to it years later, a different style/genre because I stopped fighting who I was created to be. I am a writer and writers write.

Listen With Your Heart

Blog revamping from the crypt: Kinda funny, a historical that spans from the ballroom to the old West.

Painted them in a corner where mistaken understandings reins supreme without making them appear dumber than dirt; the rational deductions of "what you see" and "what you hear"...What logic the brain says is true isn't always what the heart believes.

These two are gonna kill each other! Maybe go up in smoke while they're at it? Oh, dang, the web of misunderstanding is tied tight. But it's definitely a romance as they can't get past the potent chemistry.

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