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Warchalking is simply drawing a chalk symbol on a wall or pavement to indicate the presence of a wireless networking node. What should that mean to you? In theory, free surfing! You should be able to whip out your notebook computer equipped with an 802.11 wireless networking card and log on to the Net. Yeehaw you say? Cruise cyberspace for free? Oh, baby, you can be just like Johnny-on-the-spot!

For those of you getting your knickers in a twist, open your mind! At least calm down. Chalk washes off; it's not like spray paint. And it won't get warchalkers busted. No child has been arrested for chalking out a hopscotch on the sidewalk, at least, I hope not.

Back in days gone by, hobos marked buildings and sidewalks with symbols most other folks didn't even notice. It was harmless and like a language for other hobos (shelter, etc.) Warchalk is a hobo-like language for free wireless networking. Matt Jones originated the practice of warchalking. For more information on warchalking, please check out warchalking.org

KEYS: Open Node Closed Node Wep Node

Two semicircles back to back indicate an open node; a circle stands for a closed mode; and a circle with a "W" inside indicates a WEP (Wireless Equivalent Privacy, a security protocol) node. WEP are usually inaccessible to the public because such nodes use encryption for security. Each symbol has a Service Set Indentifier (SSID) that acts as a password to the node. SSID's are easily obtained using widely available sniffing software.

Don't e-mail me with outrage. If you want to know about it...rtfm...or the closest source @ warchalking.org. Look at both sides and then decide about warchalking. What would I know? I'm just a hick from the sticks. I've not yet seen a warchalked cow and that's about the advancement of civilization around here. Wireless? Wow, what's that?

If warchalking isn't quite your thing, how about wardriving? Click here to learn more about the "more popular" wardriving

I'd like to add interactive music humor . . . but I need more bandwidth! If you aren't locking yours, may I borrow some? ; p

If you don't like it? Maybe I should build an asp on the fly nuclear blaster? I have neither the time nor the inclination to do so right now. pre-nuclear blasting area roll and click...lol?

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